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Square Dance Publications In Australia

Of the many Square Dance Publications in Australia, The “Australian Square Dance Review” (Previously known as The South Pacific Square Dance Review) is the most prominent Square Dance Publication in Australia. More on this is available by clicking the link below. It is however supplemented by various State body publications that fill the gaps at a local level. 

Publications such as “Squares Around Victoria” affectionately known as “The SAV” (Vic), “Stepping Out” (Tas), “The Bugle” (Qld) “Squaring Around Western Australia” (WA) , “Round Up” (SA) and “The Kiwi” (NZ) etc were introduced to cover more local issues.

 If you have an interest in Square Dance Calling, you may be interested in reading the Australian Callers Federation Newsletter “Behind The Mike”. Also on our History Page, we have copies of one of publications and interesting articles on square dancing.

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