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National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc

2021 Annual General Meeting

Sunday 26 September 2021

This meeting will be held via Zoom at 11 am EST


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01.     Open Meeting.
02.     Recognition of Members.
03.     Apologies.
04.     Presidents Report.
05.     Correspondence
6.     Treasurers Report.
07.     Setting of Fees and Charges.

08.     Reports From
Co-ordinating Editor.*        
   Public Relations Officer*.               
Merchandising Officer*              
Promotions Team.*                  
Face-Book Co-ordinator.*          
          g)       Others. (TBA)

09.     Special Business * *
a)       Update of the current Constitution
          In order to bring the society into compliance and in line with how we            currently operate, and listed in the Attachment below.
         The CAV Model Rules have been used as a base and the only                           changes are those listed in Red.
          Once these are accepted they will be called our “Own Rules”.
             (NB: There is a higher registration fee for adopting our own rules rather than the model rules).

 The following motion is put:

          “That the National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc, adopt the Model Rules of Consumer Affairs Victoria with the following amendments that have been published on our website and accompanying documents available for this meeting.” 

          b)      Other business
Which previous notice has been given

10.     Election Of Officers:
      a) Decide by resolution the number of Ordinary Members as per clause 53 **
      b) Committe Positions:

          01.     President
02.     Vice-President
03.     Treasurer
04.     Secretary
05.     Ordinary Member (depends on the outcome of 10a)
06.     Ordinary Member  
(depends on the outcome of 10a)

                  c) Other Positions
07.     Co-ordinating Editor               
Australian Square Dance Review
08.     Public Relations Officer
09.     Web Co-ordinator                    squaredanceaustralia.com
10.     Merchandising Officer
11.     Other (Please specify)

                            11.     Next Meeting

12.     Close Meeting


** Changed since origionally posted

22 August 2021

How will our AGM be different?
Due to our current constitution we are required to operate under the Standard Model Rules of CAV.

That means that this upcoming meeting will be different from how we have held our previous AGM’s.
 in that:
All executive positions would be declared vacant (Not by rotation as previously) and All nominated positions will be filled from the eligible members.

This is to comply with the current constitution as registered with CAV.

After consulting with CAV, it has been deemed that the members of the National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc, that attended the previous AGM and have completed the required membership application are the members of the Society.
that are eligible to nominate and vote.
Currently those members are:

Rosalind Todd                          David Todd

Celia Karas                               Christopher Karas

Kevin Thomas                          Barbara Treharne

Andew Verhoef                        Patricia Watson

Helen Bates                              Graham Burgan

Pauline Hansford                     Alan Hansford

Barry Chandler                          Kaye Chandler

Lorraine Keenan                       Sasha-Lee Boon

Edward Thomas                        Robin Kerr

                               Russell Wall                               Stephen Longwood

                               Murray Dempsey

Special Resolution to be put at the 2021 Annual General Meeting Update

The chairman wishes you to note that members will be limited to two (2) minutes each to speak for or against the motion.

Proposed amendments to the Model Rule of Consumer Affairs Victoria.
Replace the following clauses with the text below.

      (1)  The membership of the Society shall be: –

           The recognised Square-Dancing body in each State and Territory of Australia may each nominate up to three (3) persons
     to become members. (Ideally one (1) of these persons should be the President of that body)
     Those persons will then become eligible members of the Society until the expiry of their nominated term.

    (2) In the event that there is no active Square-Dancing body in a State or Territory,
  The Society may accept nominations from up to three (3) interested persons who reside in that Region.
  Those persons will then become eligible members of the Society until the expiry of their nominated term.

    (3) Those associate members as per clause 14 of this document.

   (4) Roll of Honour Recipients.

 51  Nominations

              (1) Nominations of members for election as committee members

(a) must be made in writing

(b) must be delivered to the secretary of the association at least 7 days before

the date fixed for the holding of the annual general meeting at which the

election for committee member is to take place.

(2) If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the committee, the chairperson of the meeting can call for nominations from the floor of the meeting.

(3) An eligible member of the Association may—

(a) nominate himself or herself; or

(b) with the member’s consent, be
nominated by another member.
(4) A member who is nominated for a position and fails to be
elected to that position may be

      nominated for any other position for which an election is yet to be held.

52          Election of President etc.

                (1)  At the annual general meeting, separate elections must be held for each of the following positions—

                         (a)  President;                   Two-year term elected on even years                       

                         (b)  Vice-President;          Two-year term elected on odd years                        

                         (c)  Secretary;                   Two-year term elected on even years                       

                         (d)  Treasurer.                   Two-year term elected on odd years

                (2)  If only one member is nominated for the position, the Chairperson of the meeting must declare the member elected to the position.

                (3)  If more than one member is nominated,  a ballot must be held in accordance with rule 54.

                (4)  On his or her election, the new President may take over as Chairperson of the meeting.

55          Term of office **

                (1)  Subject to subrule (3) and rules 52 and 56, a committee member holds office until the positions of the Committee are declared vacant at the next annual general meeting.