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Frank Lambert

Frank Lambert - Rockhampton

Frank Lambert – Rockhampton – Queensland – Australia
Born in Bativia 22nd September 1930

Frank was a Japanese prisoner of war in Indonesia for the duration of the war.

Older brother Dixie, was in Australia in boarding school.
Franks father was on the Burma Rail Way
His mother Rita was with Frank for a few years and then the Japanese moved Frank away.
After the warm Frank hitchhiked to Australia to meet up with his brother Dixie at school.
To their delight the whole family survived the war and re-joined each other where Dixie was “Safe and Sound”

Frank only spoke pigeon dutch/Indo and Dixie – English.
But the brothers managed to communicate and embarked on many adventures.
They left their parents home in Clifton Hil, Melbourne and rode around all States and Territories on motor bikes
Frank was a skilled mechanic and Bush survivor.
I believe the bike Frank rode was a “Panther / Single sloper.
The brothers ended up in Queensland.
Frank first and he began work in Rod Laver Sport Store.


Frank went on to to become a respected sculptor and has his works in collections all over the world.
He always loved his music and his art, and taught until the week he died.
He was a very loved teacher and prize winning artist, who developed methods of bronze casting still in use today.
Somewhere he became a Caller (or already was one),
Frank was very musically talented and was also charismatic.
He had so much work Calling Square Dance that he summoned Dixie to “Rocky” to also call Square Dance and share the load.
I believe the brothers held classes and called at sold out venues.


Franks Band “The Bar Z Playboys I know nothing about but hope that someone can fill in the pieces.
I will enclose a B&W photo of “Frank Lambert” (My dad.)


Frank was married to Shirley Purcell in 1957 and they had 2 children.
They remained a loving team for life

Both generous teachers of their Art. Shirley speech and Drama, Photography and taught journalists to speak well.
Frank, sculpture, drawing and architecture.

My parents – I Love Them


Good luck with the memories, They are so valuable




Niki Lambert


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